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Unions Are for Dock Workers – Notary Publix ft. Jay Pharoah

Gina and Teresa are plagued by hand rashes–is it stigmata, or is it the stamps? Will they unionize for collective bargaining rights? Will their bitter rival Erin Oatmeal join their picket line? Will Norma Rae herself show up? No. But find out the answers to the other questions on Notary Publix.

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Cast & Credits

Director Amy Rubin
AA Producer Caroline Chewning
AA Production Manager Kelly Harper
D.P. Seth Hagenstein
Camera B Tyler Ribble
Stedicam Patrick Morgan
Stedicam AC Alex Schaefer
Grip Joe Wannamacher
Gaffer Matt Troy
Sound Kurt Seery
ART/Wadrobe Juliana Brafa
ART/Wadrobe CJ Dockery
Talent Coordinator Dani Rait
HMU Lauren Killip
HMU Kristen Alimena
Photographer Dana Edelson
PA Louis Caggiano
PA Benjamin Baldwin
PA Peter Kelly
PA Greg Reutershan
Intern Amanda Webster
Intern Olivia Mayo

Jay Pharoah Hieronymous-Fisk
Alexandra Vaccino Customer
Veronica Osorio Notary Girl
Morgan Smith Notary Girl
Chelsea Picken Notary Girl
Emmy Blotnick Notary Girl
Lisa Alexander Notary Girl

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